Dezignus 2.0 Evolution

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Dezignus 2.0 version

Finally I finished new theme for Dezignus! New design, new features, new authors and certainly new freebies ;-) A year ago when I started this blog, I couldn’t even think that It will be so popular. And today Dezignus, with more then 8000 visitors/day, became an important part of my life (and world design community, I hopes =).

That’s my statistics for the last year. Of course my traffic champions are Google, Stumble, Yahoo But I’d like to thank those sites who highly increased Dezignus popularity:

And certainly I appreciate all that hundreds of site that featured Dezignus.

To increase further evolution I decided to add more community features:

  • author’s pages;
  • gravatars;
  • easier post submitting;
  • social links at the end of each post;
  • and more…

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I’m glad you have taken interest in Dezignus and hopefully you'll find it useful and inspiring. In past I was graphic and web designer. Today most of my time I'm spending for maintaining and developing Dezignus and helping my friends in creating there blogs and projects.

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