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download free vector wings
Good Day my friends =) today I’m sharing really cool and useful freebie – Vector Wings! Wings have always been in trend and there are so many ways you can use it in graphics. First of all I’m sharing 2 sets of my own detailed and feathery wings I draw and collect during last years. Plus I’m featuring the best sets of my friends.

Size: 5.2 mb
Format: EPS (Illustrator 10), AI (Illustrator 8), PNG (Huge size, transparent bg)
License: free for personal & commercial purposes

Wings as a well known symbol of freedom, you can find it everywhere: t-shirt designs, logo & brand graphics, ad posters, wallpapers, web-design, photo manipulation, herald illustrations etc. This clipart of wings contain: bird wings, tattoo wings, devil wings, butterfly wings, angel wings.

dark vector wings

download free vector wings

Packs include only one side wing of each type, just duplicate any of them and make mirror reflection in Adobe Illustrator  (Object – Transform – Reflection (vertical) , or  horizontal transformation in Photoshop (Edit – Transform – Flip Horizontal).

Download free vector wings from:

vector wings clipart

My first set of vector wings. Till that day it was the largest pack of free vector wings.

And here are some more HQ vector wings from my friends:

  1. 50 Vector Wings

    free wings silhouettes

  2. Vector wings silhouettes

    Good point to start with. Simple shapes, clear contours, easy to use and modify. Good for graphics reincarnation from human silhouette into angel silhouette :)
    vector wings silhouettes

  3. Vector fairy wings

    Fairy wings is a series of magic like wings, based on butterfly wings, can be use to create sorceress or fairy from any girl’s silhouette, JUST add WINGS .
    vector fairy wings

  4. Free vector tattoo wings presents 25 Examples of wings in tattoo style. Usually used for logo design. Or creating Illustration in vector style.
    free vector tattoo wings

  5. Monster vector wings

    High quality, hand drawn set – 11 reptile style wings idea for creation demons, dragons and other dark creatures.
    vector monster wings

It was the best vector wings you can download for free in the internet. But if you are looking for really Premium examples of wings, and you ready to spent small amount of money for it is your choice. Tons of best quality vector illustrations!

premium vector wings pack

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