Magic Pixel Animation

folder in featured designers by userStanly Dezignus on dateJanuary 18th, 2009comments29 WOW

magic px animation

A wonderful dreamy set of oriental pixel animation. 38 Amazing detailed images, drowned pixel by pixel.

Size: 7.4 mb
Format: px
License: free for personal
Homepage: one of Korean websites
Author: unknown

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125 Vector Japanese Patterns

folder in vector / Illustrations by userStanly Dezignus on dateJanuary 11th, 2009comments38 WOW

free vector patterns

Another treasure for all designers, a collection of 125 free Japanese Patterns in vector kindly shared by It’s all vector and easy to change color and size of patterns.

Size: 57 mb
Format: eps (Adobe Illustrator) / ai
License: free for personal use

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Asia Icons, Tradition

folder in vector icons & signs by on dateNovember 30th, 2008comments23 WOW

Asia religion icons

New set of 23 vector icons covering theme of Asia Religion and Traditions. All

Size: 4 mb
Format: eps (Adobe Illustrator)
license: free for personal use

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Japan Icons

folder in psd & png files by on dateAugust 20th, 2008comments27 WOW

oriental icons

This set consist of 35 icons relative to Japan. If you haven’t stayed in a Japanese-style inn, you may be unfamiliar with these designs, but they’re familiar to Japanese. Elaborate, detailed, unique icons drawn in 128×128-pixel format will make your desktop delightful.
Please be aware that Yoritsuki is the name of a fictional Japanese-style inn.

Size: 3.5 mb
Format: png + ico

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Asia Masks

folder in vector / Illustrations by userStanly Dezignus on dateApril 27th, 2008comments7 WOW

free vector asia mask

Dr Freebie Fresh brings you some nice Asian Mask illustrations today. The concept coming from our Bangkok studio, was using traditional Ramakien Thai masks as the inspiration. These drawings were early concept drawings for the later developed Thaiglish font.
Now they are yours for free, woohoo!

Size: 0.5 mb
Format: eps (Adobe Illustrator)

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Asia Dragons

folder in vector / Illustrations by userVector Lady on dateApril 22nd, 2008comments31 WOW

asia dragons

Three Asia Dragons. Simple vector, no line, each dragon a single vector shape, no fills only basic contour.

Size: 1.4 mb
Format: eps (Adobe Illustrator)

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