500+ Space Brushes

folder in photoshop brushes by userStanly Dezignus on dateJanuary 22nd, 2009comments42 WOW

space brushes

People often ask me about the way I draw Dezignus header, the answer is simple – some imagination + proper brushes! Designmag publishes new space brushes for photoshop. It’s collection of magical, fancy photoshop brushes! This includes brushes for stars, planets, moon, galaxies, nebulae, and more.

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Wings Brushes Set

folder in photoshop brushes by userStanly Dezignus on dateNovember 6th, 2007comments34 WOW


Nothing is quite so magic the wings. This set includes 36 wings of all types. Birds wings brushes, angel wings brushes, butterfly wings, dragonfly wings and so on. It is cool set for dreamy and magic design. So give wings to your fancy with this brush set, do a magical picture with sprite flying around, or add butterfly wings to a girl for making her more glamour, it’s all up to you.

Size: 3,5 mb
Format: abr
License: Free For personel use

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Dreamy Header Tutorial

folder in graphics tutorials by userStanly Dezignus on dateOctober 28th, 2007comments48 WOW

Glamour Header

Today I am going to present you Photoshop tutorial about creating Dreamy Header like my blog has.

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