Golden Frame

folder in vector / Illustrations by userStanly Dezignus on dateOctober 17th, 2008comments39 WOW

Vector Gerald Frame

And here we go again! Last night I spent few hours to share with you trendy Heraldic Illustration – Golden Frame. With elegant ribbon (for your text), with blue glassy button in the center (for your logo, or picture) and with elegant floral ornament, crown, wings and blinks (just to add some glamor effect).

Size: 1.8 mb
Format: eps (Adobe Illustrator)
License: Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

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Gold Ingots and Photos, Textures

folder in textures / backgrounds by userStanly Dezignus on dateMarch 15th, 2008comments36 WOW

gold, golden ingot, coin,

To show respect to king of metals, I’m sharing golden clipart. 20 HQ jpg images relative to gold: coins, textures, backgrounds, ingots and some golden jewelry

Size: 22 mb
Format: jpg

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Sunny Web 2.0 Icons (ai)

folder in vector icons & signs by on dateMarch 5th, 2008comments29 WOW

free web2.0 icons

Just look on it! I just found one more set of vector icons. Now it is sunny theme. HQ vector icons in glassy style with blinks and shadows.

Size: 1.8 mb
Format: ai
License: free for personal use

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Vector Golden Rings (AI)

folder in vector / Illustrations by userVector Lady on dateMarch 3rd, 2008comments47 WOW

vector gold ring

Hello everyone, look what I found. Two golden rings, possible they are engagement rings. But the thing is that it’s not a photo, can you believe it is vector? It’s really amazing work.

Size: 2.8 mb
Format: ai

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Oriental Treasures (ai)

folder in vector / Illustrations by userStanly Dezignus on dateFebruary 15th, 2008comments29 WOW

oriental design in vector

Just look on this bright set of oriental objects: treasure chest with gold and jewels, straps, rings. Bowl with dragon’s incrustation, golden flame, flowers ornament, golden coins and ingots. And certainly cool vector blinks.

Size: 2.6 mb
Format: ai

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Golden Borders

folder in psd & png files by userStanly Dezignus on dateJanuary 24th, 2008comments11 WOW


Unusual set of Golden Ornament’s Border. It is not vector, it’s psd file, but its resolution 300 dpi, and weight about 1200 px. Layers are not merged.

Size: 6.4 mb
Format: psd

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