Free vector married couples

folder in photoshop shapes by on dateNovember 27th, 2012comments5 WOW

free vector married silhouettes

Newly wedded vector silhouettes. These days people’s silhouettes are very popular vector shapes among stock sites and designers. Because it is easy to create them and use, but they can make you graphics look much more good looking & eye catching.

Size: 5 mb
Format: EPS, AI, CSH, SVG
License: Free for personal and commercial purposes.
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Dollar Bill Heart

folder in psd & png files by userStanly Dezignus on dateNovember 18th, 2011comments5 WOW

dollar bill heart

Heart created from real 1 dollar bills. Can be used as a frame, or as a background. In computer art frame is usually used to attract attention to its contents.

Size: 3 mb, 300 DPI, 1600×1552 px
Format: PNG image with transparent background
License: Free for personal and commercial purposes.
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Valentine’s Day Clipart

folder in photoshop shapes, vector icons & signs by on dateFebruary 12th, 2011comments7 WOW

valentine day clipart

One more post for lovers – Valentine’s Day Clipart of vector silhouettes. 55 relative vector shapes: hearts, silhouettes of people in love, angels, cupids, vector lips and so on. You just need to mix this elements, add romantic background and decorate with floral ornaments.

Size: 6 mb
Format: EPS + AI  + CSH (PS Custom Shapes)
License: Free for personal and commercial purposes.
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Romantic Textures

folder in textures / backgrounds by on dateFebruary 12th, 2011comments2 WOW

romantic textures

14 February, Lovers day is coming soon. So, decided to  share some GFX freebies for Valentine’s Day.

Size: 7 mb
Format: HQ JPG, 300 dpi (width 1800px-2400px)
License: Free for personal and commercial purposes.
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Love Gif Animation

folder in featured designers by userVector Lady on dateMarch 19th, 2009comments3 WOW

love gif animation

A collection of 199 small gif banners 50×50 px related to love: hears, cakes, love words, angels! Very cute set of lovely banners.

Size: 0.8 mb
Format: gif
License: free for personal use

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30 Free Lovely Vector Hearts Sets

folder in vector / Illustrations by userStanly Dezignus on dateFebruary 11th, 2009comments16 WOW

free vector hearts set

Valentine’s Day is coming and today I’d like to present to all Dezignus visitors this lovely collection of free vector hearts. I’m sure that any of you will find something interesting in this sets because it covers all possible variety of hearts. Possible you already saw some of this images, but others are new and fresh! Have fun and I wish you to spent current Valentine’s Day in love, romantic and positive emotions!

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