Winter Holiday Textures

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winter holiday textures

Testure’s clipaart with 5 HQ different images on winter holiday theme. Easy to use as a background for you graphics, or as a texture for you design elements. Textures play major role in any design project. Unsuitable background can make your main core elements look bland, while the perfect match will make your work a piece of art.

Size: 7 mb
Format: HQ JPG 2600×2000 px
License: Free for personal and commercial purposes.
Homepage: holiday textures
This texture is made for professionals, businessmen and all design fans. It is made for photographers (to create photo books and photo albums) and visual artists, graphic and web designers, for those of you who are into character design, architecture, brochures, print design, stamps, computer animation, wrappers, mobile applications, handbills. It’s up to you whether you want to use this picture as it is, adjust it, or use just a part of it. You can use it to create any kind of birthday cards, wallpapers, book and DVD covers, T-shirt design, prints and calendars, posters and banners.

download winter holiday textures

An image can reveal a message that letters sometimes fail to tell. overall, everyone is fond of attractive and eye-catching, engaging illustrations. With an opportunity to use my graphics freebies, you can create stunning illustrations that will certainly attract new clients.

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